Tuesday, 18 October 2011

my first solo talk!

Last night I did my first ever SOLO acupuncture talk.

Bizarrely enough I wasn't nervous at all about it, but I think that had a lot to do with locking myself out my flat and the ensuing chaos that caused to get back in (which I did by the by!)

A friend of mine provided refreshments in the form of THE most delicious cupcakes courtesy of Yumm! Bakery (http://www.yummbakery.co.uk/) while I provided the entertainment!

I gave an brief introduction about me - who I am, what brought me to acupuncture (to follow in another blog), then going on to describe as best as i could, given the time limitations, the theory behind acupuncture.

Discussing Qi:
Which is also known as 'life force': it is Qi that gives us the impotus to move, to function, to grow.  It has 5 main roles within us:
1 To warm - in a similar way to Blood (which relys on Qi to ensure it moves).
2 To protect: it circulates within us to fend off external pathogenic factors
3. it transforms: turns foods into things we can use, e.g. glucose; our thoughts into actions/emotions etc.
4. it holds: the blood in the vessels, the organs in places
5. It moves: it creates our phyical movements, but also the involuntary ones, like our heart beating, the eb and flow of our thoughts and so forth.

We then went on to feel our Qi - not sure that i can explain that without visual cues!!

Then discussing the 5 elements and how we move within these elements and how they influence our lives.

Finally discussing the actual treatment, where everyone got to 'try a needle' if they wished and talked about the other modalities that I use e.g. cupping, moxibustion.

I was in the lucky position to have a couple of people who have previously tried acupuncture so asked for their input now and then too!

It was an evening I thoroughly enjoyed, and hope that I spread the word about acupuncture a bit more!!!   If you are interested in me coming along to do a talk, or perhaps seeking treatment yourself: then get in touch and we can try to arrange something.

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