Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Getting to Bothwell Clinic

In the 2 years I have worked over at the Bothwell Clinic I have gone fmrom spending near 2 hours on buses to a 25 min drive!!!  All thanks to the new M74 and a lovely wee car!!

I manage to completely dodge the nasty M8 - sailing past everyone this morning queuing to cross the dreaded Kingston Bridge!! straight down the m74 - limited only by speed limits - 50? what were they thinking??cutting off at the uddingston junction 3a(I think!) - follow the signs for uddingston, cutting through that, past the tesco on your right and the lidl on your left heading into Bothwell - past the co op on your left and there we are!!! parking is the next left - down Green street, where there is FREE off street parking for up to i guess 60 cars, 2 min walk back round and your at the beautiful, peaceful, Bothwell Clinic...

Ideal for anyone travelling from the south side now!!!

it would seem RAC and google maps don't yet recognise the new M74 section I' ve been using it since the 1st day it opened in June - silly billies that they are!!

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