Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My work with John

I am in the very lucky position to work with some amazingly experienced and knowledgeable practitioners in the clinics I work in.

Over the month of October, John Williamson and Myself have been giving a course on acupressure.  John is a Zen Shiatsu practitioner and his understanding of how the elements relate in real life gives me such insight that I can then use to enhance my practice.

Today we were talking about emotions and how they affect our health.  The average 'lay person' would more than likely agree that emotions play a part in our physical health.  John was describing the metal element (the one i struggle to comprehend the most) and talking about how its all about barriers and how our interaction with others is about the formation of those barriers... and grief  the emotion related to the Metal Element .. is our way of helping to break down those previously understood barriers or Links as I was reinterpreting it.

Which is why when we are first bereaved of someone we love, to use that example, there are lots of these barriers/attachments/links that we have formed that remind us of that person, be it that they used to share a bed with us, or that they used to shout at the TV when a particular show is on, it reminds us of that relationship that is now lost...

and if we don't deal with it (as with any emotion) it will just keep reoccuring until such times as we figure out how to deal with them.

What I have also realised on this course is just how much I do know and do without thinking now.. especially in terms of locating points... it has become second nature to me.. and thats such a lovely thing to become aware of!

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