Friday, 2 March 2012

Acupuncture Awareness Week & my radio appearance debut!!!

The Week isn't quite over yet, but what a week its been!!! The British Acupuncture Council has organised its first ever Acupuncture Awareness Week and has conducted a survey to show where people are still struggling with the idea of acupuncture in essence.

Fascinating stuff.. not surprised that people are put off by the idea of needles, but the thought that 53% of those surveyed think it is 'nothing more than a placebo' is a bit shocking and disturbing for me.    Guess im so used to talking to those that are already converted I didn't realise how little respect this ancient traditional medicine has.

There is a wealth of research out there showing how useful acupuncture is in treating all sorts of conditions, and it has VERY little in the way of side effects, unlike pharmaceutical interventions (which are very necessary!).  What I particularly love is that it can work on so many levels all at once.. no only can i treat your sore knee, but your repeated UTIs, and your stress/anxiety and emotional volatility all at the same time!!!

Yesterday I was asked to appear on the Fred MacAuley & Co Show, with co host Karen.  It was around an 8 minute slot during which i was asked all kinds of questions: what does it treat, can I work with all ages, does it hurt, size of the needles and was even given the challenge of doing a 'live on air' treatment.. a wee mini one  to help focus Karens mind to allow her to better face the training challenges she has set herself in preparation for an event.  I inserted 2 needles in her hair line and two in her inner wrists. Whilst the whole time talking about how tiny the needles were, the normal sensations people feel (tingling) and answering all of Fred's questions...

He also asked about cupping therapy and I took the opportunity to also mention electro-acupuncture and moxa.. which i described as getting a hug!!!!

It was an incredibly exciting opportuity to talk to the nation about the thing that i love!!! One of my clients sent me a wee message saying my passion & faith in acupuncture shone through along with my incredible knowledge on the subject.. I was hugely flattered by that feedback! And I'm relishing the idea of doigg much more work like that!!!

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