Wednesday, 8 February 2012

colds and wee 'flu type bugs..

January flew past in a blur for me, but in a good way, work was keeping me busy as well as settling into my new home and new routine!

I was having a conversation the other day with a new client who was wonderfully self aware of what signals his body were giving him,  and he'd come for acupuncture treatment with myself to help boost his immunity as he had become aware of catching a couple of colds in just over a month.  The full consultation revealed that his energies were indeed weaker than normal, due in a VERY large part to stress wearing him down.  Both family and work pressures having a negative impact as well as working long hours and neglecting to eat regularly. 

Anyhoo, he sparked some thoughts in me, and the very next day was reading an article about how there are alternative ways to look at the common cold:
1. its our body's way of WARNING us that we need to slow down, take time out and look after ourselves.
2. its the body's way of detoxing.. that the build up of toxins etc in our system need to clear!!

I like both these ideas, the 2nd one is a new one to me, but certainly for those with chronic rhinitis (sinus problem not cold/hayfever related) this may well be the case, and it does manifest with very similar symptoms to the common cold.

Fortunately, this is where acupuncture is very useful!! I have worked with many individuals with either/or both frequent infections and sinus problems with great success.

My honours dissertation looked at the use of acupuncture in helping people with HIV manage their drug cocktail and found many articles that looked at improving immune system and found very positive results.

Common self help for boosting your immune system: zinc; echinacea and of course vitamin C are all traditionally known to help! of course don't take any herbs/vitamins without proper advice!!
 Some foods that in TCM terms can help to strengthen your immune system include: royal jelly, nettles, turnip, rice, chicken, and herring)

If receiving acupuncture is something you'd want to think about, then get in touch; FREE taster sessions always available!  Not only can I utilise my knowledge and skills in the use of needles but also cupping, electro-acupuncture and moxibustion where appropriate!

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