Wednesday, 20 June 2012

new Clinic and Licensing.

Hello there

it has been quite a few months since my last visit here.. just been working away.

Finally found a new clinic, in Rutherglen to practice my acupuncture and now am just waiting for the licensing to get back to me so that I can begin work, but all the prep has been done, and even had the environmental health out who were quite happy with my level of hygene etc.

Have to say I was more than a little perplexed when she turned to the student she has with her to indicate that they insist on a 'closed room' due to potential for 'blood spatter'.  I found this highly amusing to be honest, as I have never had more than a drop of blood in the near 5 years I've been working.  She did suggest that it was more important for skin piercing (i.e. jewelry) but did still feel the need to mention it.

Please dont think I am upset or annoyed at the process of obtaining a skin piercing license in order to practice, I most certainly am not, I value the council for ensuring those of us practicing are working to a high level of safety and hygene, however i believe that being allowed a year to issue said licence a little eh.. draining.  That said it has never taken more than 8 weeks for me in the past, so here's hoping in 4 weeks time I'll be blogging to advise that I am now up and running!!!

The new clinic is within a private medical practice, in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.  Where I will be working along side physio's, a massage therapist and chiropractors working along with medical doctors.  I must admit I am both excited and nervous at working with these more 'medical' people rather than my usual 'alternative therapists'.  Many main stream health care professionals (HCPs) are unsure of acupuncture and many even consider it to be 'nonsense' or 'placebo' and that it has no long term benefit, I hope that with time if any of the therapists I'll be working along side wil soon be fully versed and 'converted' with its regards to helping improve the quality of life for most people.

I'll keep you posted with regards to getting up and running and also on how i settle in to the new clinic!!

Hope your happy and healthy.. and if not, come see me!!!


  1. Good luck with your new clinic Paula!

  2. Good luck practicing acupuncture in your new clinic, Paula! Remember to always stick to the proper practices and to never deviate from the clinical procedures to ensure the clinical health of your patients. Also, don’t forget to try and establish a good relationship with your patients. Communication is key to winning over new customers and keeping old ones.

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