Tuesday, 10 January 2012

new year..

Wow.. December truly flew in for me... I was given some bad news in that the Bothwell Clinic is 'restructuring' and as such I am no longer there (Joyce is working alone now).  Short term I have increased my hours at Woodland Herbs, but will begin to look for new premises as soon as I am able.

New year.. always seem followed by NEW YOU each and every year in marketing campaigns.  I consider it a great time for reflection and considering change, and in the season of water, its the perfect time for some serious nurturing and almost hibernating!

If you have decided its time for a change: use acupuncture to support you through it, it allows your body to deal with change in a much easier way, making it less of a battle! it can even help to strengthen your will so is useful for those who need a bit more determination in their day!!  As part of Woodland Herbs Acupuncture team, I am offering smoking cessation treatment at a discounted rate: just £90 for 3 sessions!

Contact me: 07964544110 for more information or to book :)

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