Monday, 28 November 2011

4 year already

Well today is the day! 4 years ago today I took my first FULL paying acupuncture client: at woodland Herbs.  Back in the days when I worked full time in a call centre and just 3 hours a week at Woodland Herbs.

That 1st client was a gentleman with depression, didnt see him for as long as i'd have liked, but managed to help lift him at least a little - based on subsequent feedback.

Now 4, incredibly quick, years later I have worked with it must be at least a few hundred people, from all walks of life, builders, postmen, lawyers, medics (in many guises), journalists, lecturers and many many forms of office based mon to fri 9 to 5 workers.  Working with MANY conditions: ME, fertility, period problems, pain in so many places I cant keep track, lots of emotional stuff. e.g depression, anxiety and of course good old faithful stress and even helped someone through a break up of a relationship.

A few of the cases have had such good results its been a surprise to even me including 'agonising pain' in the ankle that all but disappeared after just one session, a girl with abdominal pain that was making her feel suicidal who'd had medical intervention for over 6 years to no avail, and within just one session felt better, and now (after many sessions) just pops in on occasion essentially for a 'top up', so many pregnancies that i've supported the parents through and a delightful man with bipolar who suffers badly with anxiety.

I've also supported people with long term problems, seeing them as and when needed to just keep them topped up, M.E.being one of the biggies in that field.

Four years in and I love what I do more than ever before! I have grown so much in that time, learning daily from the all the people that walk through my door, learning how to be a better person & therapist with my interactions, not to mention improving my skills as a therapist with lots of research, and clients who  willing to be guineapigs for me and who's opinions I value when im tweaking my treatments.

I still can't believe that in just 4 years I have gone from working part time - only 3 hours a week to the 39(ish) i now do, splitting my time between two very different clinics run by two very different people, and providing me with different types of people to work with.

As an acupuncturist working in her home town of Glasgow I am delighted to share my skills and experience with everyone I meet, and as many of my friends will attest I'm sure, acupuncture for me is not just a job, its a way of life!  I'm quite sure they  are sick of me saying 'in TCM terms...'

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my friends family and clients who have supported me in this challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, 4 years! Looking forward to the next 40!!!

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