Friday, 2 August 2013

Emotional Health Talk

On Thursday the 6th July 2013 at my clinic in Glasgow I gave a two hour talk and workshop on emotional health; focusing on stress.

I took the time to give people a bit of background on Acupuncture theory (Traditional Chinese Medicine); explaining more about Yin Yang, Qi  and how its made.  Also discussing the elements and how they all work together to make us the people we are.

My focus of the talk was to attempt to get us to accept emotions, that they are NOT negative, that they have a place in our lives to help us see where things are perhaps not as they should be.  Getting furious at some one who cuts you up on the motorway is typically NOT about said person, but usually unvented anger at someone else, e.g boss? partner?? and it is displaced because we don't know how to process the anger we feel at those who we should feel it towards.

I explained how anger is appropriate in that the element associated with Anger is Wood.. and its job, purpose in life is to help us grow in the direction in which we are destined, and its response to being blocked is to express anger, or at least irritability (at the beginning).  So its about our CHOICES: if I cant get from A to C by route B perhaps I have to go via Q, or accept that I cant get from A to B and therefore find another route for my creative expression; perhaps going from A to D, its about how we shift our expectations and plans etc to get what we want, and that can sometimes include accepting that at this moment there is NOTHING we can do, other than ACCEPT.

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