Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All new Discount Club :)

Can't believe how long its been since I last wrote here... been a hectic old time.

Licensing proved to be a bigger issue than I thought and I am not yet up and running in South Lanarkshire, almost a full YEAR after applying.. gutted.

But on the plus side, Woodland Herbs is really taking off for me and especially the discounted times I offer on a MOnday Morning..

Due to their popularity and of course (as ever) increased costs.. I attempted something new this week.

Instead of treating just one person, I utilise two rooms within the clinic, and stagger appointments so that I can maximise my time!  Did the 1st one this week and it was an absolute dream come true, didn't over run, didnt have to rush through with clients... absolutely LOVED it.. had me buzzing and certainly keeps the old brain ticking over.. no down time for me :)

The plan is to trial it for the rest of the month and then make it permanent and take account of any wee tweeks I might need to do, if any problems come up and it means I can continue to offer dramatically discounted sessions without losing out myself!!

Feedback from the clients was very positive also, all enjoyed having a bit of time on their own, but knowing I wasnt too far away :)

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